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Our Journey

We are US based company. Our business model revolves around providing Free Instagram Followers and providing a options for users to Buy Instagram Followers. We hold many platforms where we handle billions of users daily as per their interests. We will showcase your Instagram accounts to them and will help you to get Instagram followers for free. We will not force any traffic to follow any Instagram account, Its all theirs choice to follow accounts or not. We will keep showing your account to the traffic until your account reach to a specific promised Instagram followers count.

Our Company is managed by 27 Peoples including CEO, Developers and Support Team. We are continuously increasing our support team to handle increasing support demand. We try our best to resolve all queried within 24 hours. Our support works 24/7 throughout week. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We issue refunds to customers If any user faces any issue with their orders.

We are receiving 30K + orders every month and managing 4M users from all around the world. We are using PayPal and RazorPay as payment gateway options to accept payments. 80% of our users prefers to pay via RazorPay and 20% prefers to pay via PayPal.

Our journey to InstaGix heights started from a Instagram account where we struggled lot to Buy Instagram Followers. We met with many providers who are not up-to their words. Then we used our traffic from other platforms to gain the followers and It worked like charm. Idea of InstaGix stroked to our mind right away and we appointed a developers team to build the InstaGix Platform. Within several years, We reached to such heights and we are continuously growing.

We are now in the market with aim of helping the geeks to achieve their dream with Instagram followers. We recently started working towards providing Instagram likes and we are continuously expanding our functionality towards Instagram likes and Instagram views.

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